The Marathon is Coming!  Good luck to the competitors.

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: In 1982 Rose Associates developed One Financial Center, a 1.3MM SF tower designed by TRO Jung.  This 46 story building is the 10thtallest in Boston (not including the radio towers).  The Big Dig tunnels are only 25’ from the base of the building & extra care needed to be taken during excavation of the tunnels to not disturb the soil underneath One Financial, which could have had tragic results.

Interesting stats from the PAST 14 days: (sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded) from Mass Ave to the Seaport, South End to North Station.

  • 42 spaces hit the market as available in the subject area equating to ~512,000 SF, mostly due to 204,985 SF hitting (in the low bank) at 225 Franklin; and 45,335 SF at 40 Water;
  • However, 28 spaces came off the market equating to 215,000 SF, mostly due to 54,294 SF committed at 1 Marina Park; and 25,979 SF at 225 Franklin;
  • Total Availability ticked up again this period to ~15.9 MM SF