CRES Stats Report | Week Ending September 23 Featured

Did you know that the Boston Common (1634) is the oldest city park in the USA? Its now “only” 50 acres and was purchased from William Blaxton by the Massachusetts […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending August 26 Featured

Interesting stats from the PAST 14 days: (sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded) from Mass Ave to the Seaport, South End to North Station. The first quiet week […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending August 12 Featured

Did you know Boylston St. is named after Mr. Ward Boylston (he grew up in JP). Boylston Street was originally known as Frogg Lane! Sitting mid-block between A & B […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending July 29 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: The Southwest Corridor Park: In the 1950’s and 1960’s, plans were developed for a 12-lane highway between Boston and Rte. 128 (thru Hyde Park, JP, South End) and on into […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending July 15 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: When the Back Bay street names (going west from the Public Garden) were assigned in the mid 1800’s, a hidden codewas placed in those names.  Artistically, the names […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending July 2 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: One Boston Place One Boston Place (aka 201 Washington Street) is an 825ksf office building overlooking the Old State House, the original colonial state capitol building. Constructed in […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending June 17 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: Original Rowes Wharf (1960) & today’s building Built in 1987 by The Beacon Companies, in a neighborhood formerly called the “South Battery” since 1764.  John Rowe purchased the […]


CRES Stats Report | Week Ending June 3 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY:  The Pine Street Inn’s 444 Harrison Ave. completed in 1894 & designed by Edmund March Wheelwright was created in the style of Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. The building originated as the […]

CRES Stats Report | Week Ending May 20 Featured

REAL ESTATE HISTORY: Completed in 1964, the Prudential Center is a 52 story 1.2MM SF building constructed by Prudential Insurance to essentially advertise the company (and with tax breaks from the […]