Bike rack attacked to a Boston office building

Bike rack affixed to an office building in Boston

Bikes are cool! My role as an office broker in the CBD of Boston is really that as an ambassador, historian, tour guide and advocate. How we traverse our city has changed since I moved back to Boston in 1993. Cars, buses, light rail, commuter rail and boats are very much the same as they were then, but what is different is bikes. We now have Hubway stations that rent bikes all over our city in areas ranging Black Falcon Terminal to 28 State Street. Additionally, office building owners are creating bike rack space inside and outside to accommodate the commuters that ride their own bikes.

The city of Boston needs to embrace this and continue to promote and provide safe areas for all forms of commuters and visitors.

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New research presented by scientists at McGill University suggests that the construction of safe bike infrastructure could significantly reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions by offering potential motorists an attractive alternative to getting in their cars. Basically, it’s the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy many advocates lean on to champion bike infrastructure, backed up by scientists.