people walk the streets of Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

Boston makes big claims about sports, education, medical and financial services.  If you’re from here you have very strong opinions about how our town is better than all the rest.  Well, we have a new one, most walkable.

The BBJ, citing a report from a Washington D.C.-based research group and George Washington University, claims, “the report concludes, the most-walkable cities will be, in order: Boston, Washington D.C., New York, Miami and Atlanta.”

The criteria for walkability, according to the research group:

“The report’s executive summary states: ‘Walkable urban development is characterized by much higher density and a mix of diverse real estate types, connected to surrounding areas via multiple transportation options, such as bus and rail, bike routes, and motor vehicles. For those living or visiting a walkable urban place, everyday destinations, such as home, work, school, stores, and restaurants, are within walking distance.'”