CRES Stats Report | Week Ending August 7

Interesting stats from the past 7 days: sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded,  in Mass Ave to the Seaport, South to North Station

  • 35 spaces (over 1,000 SF) hit the market as available equaling 235,000 SF, much more than last week and one of the highest in the past 4 weeks;
  • 11 spaces (over 1,000 SF) came off the market (62,000 SF) which has been consistent over the past month;
  • The vacancy rate in ALLSTON/BRIGHTON is 10.9% and the availability rate is 13.0%, MUCH better than many other areas of the city (albeit this is a relatively small office market);
  • The total availability STAYED ROUGHLY THE SAME at 11.2%.  I think there is a gap in the data (in addition to the lag in information bubbling to the surface) with deals happening on shadow space and relets that are not “visible” to the brokerage community.