REAL ESTATE HISTORY: 50 years ago the 650,000 SF “McCormack Building” (1 Ashburton Place) commenced construction and was completed 3 years later.  It is known for its banded black & white façade designed by Holye, Doran & Berry (now Cram & Ferguson LLC).

Interesting stats from the PAST 14 days: (sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded) from Mass Ave to the Seaport, South End to North Station.

  • A quiet period with 32 spaces hit the market as available in the subject area equating to ~193,000 SF, mostly due 40,000 SF hitting at 105 W 1st; 32,000 at 200 State St 13,681 SF at 855 Boylston;
  • However, 28 spaces cameoff the market equating to 111,000 SF, mostly due to 13,889 SF committed at 77 N. Wash; 13,748 at 101 Fed; and 10,173 at 60 State;
  • Total Availability this week continues the trend at ~15.7 MM SF.