Exterior of MIT in Cambridge

Credit: The Boston Herald

Our up and coming innovators are being told to wait at MIT!  The demand for some of the innovative classes is outpacing the school’s ability to service students along with listing seats for alums looking to join the MIT Innovation Lab.  This is a sign that our economy still has a long runway ahead of innovative ideas from some of our creative thinking individuals.

From the Boston Herald:

“We’re bursting at the seams,” said Vladimir Bulovic, associate dean for innovation in the School of Engineering and co-author of the preliminary report. “There is a tremendous drive by students for more and more entrepreneurial activity.”

“[A report commissioned by the university] recommends a number of solutions, including a co-working space for recent MIT graduates, the construction of two “Innovation Hubs” on campus, and the creation of the Laboratory for Innovation Science and Policy, a department that would study the innovation process and how to foster it.”