food court at the prudential center in Back bay

Credit: The Boston Globe

For 22 years the food court at the Pru has been a Back Bay mainstay, come June 30th it will be a memory.  Boston Properties despite their lack of comment have a clear vision for their customers and execute flawlessly.  Rest assured, lunch will be served again, just be patient while our city continues to change.

From the Boston Globe:

The food court at the Shops at the Prudential is scheduled to close at the end of June, and its replacement, a massive Eataly marketplace, won’t open for more than a year…Some applaud the decision to open an Eataly, which hopes to draw 5 million customers a year, in the space in September 2016. At least until the marketplace opens, the lunch-scene void is an opportunity for other businesses, said Ani Collum, a partner at the Norwell consultancy Retail Concepts…Collum said food trucks and other mobile vendors should set up near the Pru to cash in because time-strapped workers may not have a long enough break to eat at a restaurant. Nearby establishments would also be smart to offer to deliver to the office buildings, she said.