traffic in Boston Seaport

Credit: Boston Globe

The success of the Seaport/Innovation District has created commuter chaos.  The city leadership is looking at ways to mitigate this by decreasing 20 private bus routs down to just two.  Office landlords have offered shuttle service to and from their buildings to commuter hubs like North and South Stations, which is great, but not with 20 buses making the same route at the same time.

According to the Boston Globe, “Consolidating the shuttles was a key piece in a far-reaching plan, funded by waterfront players, to address the gridlock. The report, made public in January, offered a long list of fixes big and small, from repairing and reopening the old Northern Avenue bridge for vehicular traffic to adding more Hubway bike-sharing stations in the area…Workers would show an ID to hop on board for free, just as they do now. Members of the public wouldn’t typically be allowed, though Peterson said shuttle drivers may wave them through on bad weather days. Eventually, other companies would be invited to join, and trips to the Back Bay and other locations could be considered.”

You can read the full article on the Boston Globe, here.