Boston boat transportation

Credit: Uber

Need a ride to the airport or a harbor island from the Financial District?  Walk toward the waterfront at get within .25 mile of the water and open Uber.  This is pilot program only from June 4th to June 15th.

Boston Magazine notes that “in order to access the UberBOAT option, users have to be within a quarter-mile of the harbor. When they are close enough, the app will then display an UberBOAT icon on the screen. From there, people can simply “place a pin” on a map , indicating where they want to be picked up near the docks, and hit the “Request” button. Soon after, a boat will appear. “Once your request has been accepted, the captain will give you a call to confirm your location and provide additional details on reaching the dock,” the company said.”

Jump over to Boston Magazine to read the complete article and to view an interactive map of the water taxi operation area.