Workbar offices in cambridge

Credit: Workbar

What does cool funky space look like, or better yet how does it feel?  The virtue of my business is to walk in and out of company offices daily and I must say that this one grabbed my attention as cool and funky.  It isn’t so much as to the building or layout, but the culture that the company extends to its employees and customers. articulates this quality in its assessment of Karmaloop’s ‘swagged out’ Back Bay office space:

“Karmaloop stickers bearing the company’s classic chunky logo in all prints and colors sit in neat piles atop a coffee table. A giant-sized, glittering mannequin sits with plastic legs crossed coquettishly on one of the entryway’s couches, while another figure, a frightening yet sort of high fashion clown marionette, looms over the space. Both were crafted by ecommerce company’s outspoken founder and CEO, and proud Bostonian Greg Selkoe.”

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