Laws firms are dramatically changing the way they use space.

tech forward law firm offices

Credit: Bisnow

Out are:

  • Law libraries
  • Assistant for each lawyers
  • Large Private Offices

In are:

  • Flexible office partitions
  • Abundant Wi-Fi
  • Less square feet per employee

From Bisnow:

“There are typical functions each firm has — a good amount of conferencing, support areas, dining for associates, work for attorneys, administrator space, etc. What we’re seeing is tech is having a significant impact on the way firms are using space,” [said Stephen Bay, CBRE Vice Chairman and National Law Firm Broker].

The removal of the physical libraries and having fewer assistants on staff has resulted in office downsizing. As the average decade-long lease ends, firms are reducing their square footage per employee and making the office more flexible in a move to “future-proof” the workplace and remain competitive.