When the Back Bay street names (going west from the Public Garden) were assigned in the mid 1800’s, a hidden codewas placed in those names.  Artistically, the names alternate from tri-syllabic to bi-syllabic: (“ar-ling-ton”; “berk-eley”; “clar-en-don”, “dart-mouth”, etc.).  Now you know!

Interesting stats from the PAST 14 days: (sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded) from Mass Ave to the Seaport, South End to North Station.

  • A quiet summer period with 23 spaces hitting the market as available in the subject area equating to ~173,000 SF, mostly due to 22630 @ 101 Arch; 30859 SF @ 21-25 DryDock15317 @ 399 Boylston;
  • Only 13 spaces cameoff the market equating to ~84,000 SF, mostly due to 13631 @ 855 Boylston; 10956 @ 33 Arch;
  • Total Availability (direct & sublease) ticked up again now at ~16.6 MM SF.