The Southwest Corridor Park: In the 1950’s and 1960’s, plans were developed for a 12-lane highway between Boston and Rte. 128 (thru Hyde Park, JP, South End) and on into Cambridge/Somerville. In response to community protests, Governor Francis Sargent cancelled the plan in return for the current mix of below grade mass transit, open space and recreation. Construction started in 1979, after nine years of planning, which included over one thousand meetings with the community.

Interesting stats from the PAST 14 days: (sublease & direct – in all cases temp space excluded) from Mass Ave to the Seaport, South End to North Station.

  • 32 spaces hit the market as available in the subject area equating to ~320,000 SF, mostly due to 24272 SF @ 1 Fed; 33125 SF @ 10 Summer46725 SF @ 200 Pier Four30266 SF @ 600 Atlantic& 17887 SF @ 200 Portland;
  • 27 spaces came off the market equating to ~100,000 SF, mostly due to 21028 SF @ 60 State;
  • Total Availability (direct & sublease) ticked up again now at ~16.7 MM SF.