Shared office space at Wework in Boston


Soft phone or tethered is a question that many new employees get on their first day on the job.  The notion that today’s employee can operate effectively without defined hard space in the office is foreign to previous generations.  The worker today might be employed by a company that exists in co-working space or by a company with an open seating plan.

What is your preferred work space?


A new Global Workplace Report by office furniture company Steelcase cited in a article, which surveyed over 12,000 office workers in 17 countries, asked employees a variety of questions about how office space design affected their engagement with their work. Steelcase found that when it comes to technology updates and work environments, most companies are a long way off from having the office of the future…86 percent of workers said they had landline phones, and 80 percent had desktop computers.

As for office layout, only 23 percent of employees said their company had an open floor plan. Much more common were workspaces with a combination of open floor plan and individual offices, at 46 percent, while 31 percent of workers said their workplace only had individual offices.

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