Jebbit office space in Boston

Credit: Banker & Tradesman

What does creative space look like to up-and-coming startups?  In short, it’s a collaborative environment with as much natural light as possible.  Young companies need to provide an attractive work atmosphere for new hires, while offering something refreshing to their existing workforce.

For example, Tim Coburn, CEO of Boston startup Jebbit, in an article for Banker & Tradesman, wrote:

“Fostering collaboration: We really wanted something open and the tower of the Landmark building, where we are now located, offered 360 views of the city, big windows, bright light and open space – it was so different from everything else we looked at. It didn’t feel like a “classic office” and for us, that fit. Today we have orange bean bag chairs in the middle, for group meeting or conversation, and it’s wide open with a lot of desks around windows. White boards everywhere help us brainstorm on the spot.

Tim Coburn’s article is published on Banker & Tradesman, here.