Boston financial district technology companies

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No longer is the Financial District home to money managers, law firms and accounting firms.  Now, tech firms are moving in to take advantage of the largest concentration of office space north of New York city combined with great infrastructure and competitive pricing.  Tech Firms want fault tolerant power, redundant Telco and security that can accommodate companies on one floor.  Class A towers have this option and are opening their doors and reposition themselves to attract this type of tenant.  On a tour a property manager for a Class A tower had a new issue she had never dealt with before, a broken window from a floor hockey game from a new tenant.  Problem solved, by her dedicated team of technicians, but that was a first.

An article on declares, “Boston’s Financial District, of all places, has emerged as a hotspot for the region’s tech startups.” The author reports finding “more than 30 tech companies large and small that occupy offices in the Financial District.”

The complete article, along with a complete list of tech companies in Boston’s Financial District, is available on the offshoot,