Where will our next round of innovators set up camp?  Some hot spots in Boston and Cambridge are simply too expensive so Marc Bernsau of the BBJ has provided a great comparison of various Boston locations with their respect pro’s and con’s combined with market price.  Where can you find a low $20’s rent per square foot?

In a previous post on Boston’s new innovation district, we discuss Mayor Marty Walsh’s recently-formed task force, which is considering an innovation district in four specific Boston neighborhoods: Bowdoin-Geneva and Fields Corner in Dorchester, Dudley Square in Roxbury, and East Boston.

Fields Corner in Dorchester

Credit: FieldsCorner.org

The accompanying article on the Boston Business Journal notes, “Gilad Rosenzweig, founder and executive director of Smarter in the City, thinks Roxbury has the potential to be a home for startups.”