shared office space on Newbury Street in Boston

Credit: Boston Globe

What types of business use shared workspaces?  Well, the cofounder of b.good is an avid user of Oficio on Newbury Street.

“Jon Olinto, cofounder of the restaurant chain b.good and [his] b.good cofounder Anthony Ackil, his childhood best friend, hold job interviews and meetings in conference rooms at Oficio, which runs two shared office spaces on Newbury Street. About 350 entrepreneurs and companies rent space at Oficio, paying anywhere from $69 a month to use the mailing address to $2,300 a month for a dedicated office for a team of eight workers, with 24/7 access. Oficio provides lunch about once a week, hosts networking events, and schedules guest speakers, such as accountants, to talk about the basics of running a business,” according to a Boston Globe article.

You can read the full Globe article, here. Alternatively, you can use our resources for more information on shared workspaces in Boston.